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The Mission of HBFF of PA

Watch this informative video featuring HBFF Founder and past President Sheila Miller and HBFF Board Member and world renowned barn historian Robert Ensminger. Look at our new video section for more barn related videos


HBFF Board President and historian Jeff Marshall discusses the importance of barns in American heritage.



4 comments to The Mission of HBFF of PA

  • Maria Farrell

    We have a huge old dairy barn on our property in Mercer county, PA. It has a gambrel slate roof and a bank in front to enter the hay storage area. Huge beams support the barn which looks like a cathedral. There is an attached “milk house”. We are trying to identify the style and/or age. There are no pictures that are similar to it on your website. The barn has some structural damage. Who in your organization could help us identify the style and advise us on the historical value?
    Thank you, Maria Farrell

  • Steven Potteiger

    I am planning a Spring event for Old Dry Road Farm- http://www.dryroadfarm.net. Near Wernersville, PA. I would like to invite your organization to join us with an information table or tent. The tentative date is Sunday, May 18, 2014 from 11AM to 5 PM.
    Steve Potteiger

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  • Holly & Don Wood

    Where can we go to apply or secure a grant to repair our old barn Gambrel roof?
    We live in Rural Valley, PA 16249.
    Appreciate any help you may direct our way.

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